West Window

This like the East Window is also a five light window with tracery lights above, but in a different configuration. The rich colouring of this window is particularly striking when seen in late afternoon or evening sunlight. The window depicts The Ship of the Church approaching land and on the shore the buildings of the Holy City, the New Jerusalem.

On board are many saints and other characters, these include St Peter and St Paul who are steering the ship, St George with a little boy and girl, St Augustine, the first Archbishop of the English Church, Empress Helena, The Blessed Virgin, St Mary Magdalene, King Oswy, Our Lord, King Canute, Alcuin, The Crucifix, this is always carried near the gangway of the ship which all saluted. We believe  this custom carries on today in the Royal Navy. King George V and Paulinus, the first Archbishop of York are there also. Look at the shields around the ship they show coats of arms of Canterbury, Durham, Chester, Liverpool, Ripon, Sheffield, Newcastle, Bradford, Carlisle, Manchester, Wakefield and York. The gaily coloured flags, banners and sails bear various Christian emblems such as the Flag and Lamb, the Pelican with its young, the Lantern indicative of the ‘Light of the World’.

A the top of the mainmast a group of choristers join in the singing of the praises with the birds. The group of cherubs at the top suggest the Four Winds, in the tracery are signs of the Zodiac and various celestial bodies such as the Sun which gives the sailor his course, and the Moon which governs the tides. The Holy Spirit is seen descending on the Ship of the Church and also on the font below the window. The saints at the bottom are chosen owing to the proximity of the window to the Font in which children of the parish are baptised St Ursula, Patron of Girls, is depicted with a young girl. St Nicholas of Moyra, Patron of Boys, is shown with a Boy Scout. Finally St Edward, the Confessor, Patron Saint of the Church. 

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