Commemorating the Fallen of Two World Wars

from this Parish



In memory of those who gave their lives in the Great War

1914 - 1918



Charles Coote Allport

Frank Bailey


Walter Henry Barrett

Tom William Beldan


Charles Bennett

Charles Ashley Brierley


Herbert Burkinshaw

George Chapman


Terence Cottney

Harry Farnsworth


Joseph Fieldhouse

Charles Henry France


George Henry Fretwell

George William Fynn


Fred Harrison

Charles Hayes


Richard Hill

Percy Holmes


Edgar Hyde

Ernest Hyde


Ernest Jackson

Fred Johnson King


James Laycock

Arthur Moxon


William Strode Pankhurst

Frank Parkin


Harold Parkin

John William Pearson


Alfred Henry Perry

Benjamin Robinson


Henry Watson Robinson

Fred Rooke


Albert Salmon

Louis Sanderson


Vernon Sanderson

Harold Sawyer


Alexander Smithson

Clifford Spurr


George Arthur Thompson

John Vallance


Daniel Jones Wells

Arthur White


Edmund Wilson 

In memory of those who gave their lives in the

Second World War 1939 - 1945



Edwin Atkinson

Walter Brown


Cyril Cowsill

George Dunning


George Fletcher

John Hammond


John Harrison

George Oswald Hawke


George Hobson

Jack Kaye


John Levi

Harold Naylor


Archie Page

Cyril Priestley


William Ramsden

John William Rodwell


Edwin Sellars

Ronald Steele


Arthur Tilson

Harry Turner


Frank Worrall 


More details of the Fallen can be found here

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