Mara update September 2016

Arthur & Melina visited Tairo just before Tineke's visit to our Mara evening on 17th September 2016.

They were pleased to meet the vicar there whose name is Rev. Charles Maendaenda.
Apart from the vicar they were able to meet the PCC representatives.
Despite the short notice, the meeting was attended by 13 people including
the church warden, the parish treasurer and the youth chairperson.

  • The Tairo parish is grateful for the continued prayers and support extended by their good friends from St. Edwards Barnsley. They admit that without them their church wouldn't have been as it is now.
  • The average attendance each Sunday is about 90 - 110 people including about 45-50 children .
  • The parish is lively and full of young people.
  •  At Tairo there isn't a pastor's house (a vicarage). The parish has rented a small house where the vicar and his wife live.
  • The church building pictured (see link below) is big in size, the floor isn't a concrete one and the outside walls needs plastering.
  • There is a primary school in the village where about 620 children goes. There are 11 teachers in the whole school with no supporting staff.
  • There isn't a secondary school around there, children who go to secondary school have to walk for about 10 kilometres to reach the nearest school in the nearby village called Guta.
  • The well that was dug is dry at present. The congregation told them that they only get water from the well during the rainy season. The well dries up from May when the dry season starts, implying that it wasn't deep enough to enable water to be drawn during the dry season as the water table gets deeper.
  • There is a youth group in the church and they meet every Wednesday evening for prayers. Their plan is to introduce bible studies and to form a netball and football team. They also have a church choir which meet every Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday .


  • Pray that their plans to plaster the outside walls and putting in the floor will be successful .
  • Pray for the youth in the church in their plans of buying music instruments and that their plans to introduce sports in the church will draw many people to join the church.

Please see the pictures here on this link to the photo gallery.

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