We are fortunate at St Edward’s in having a fine vintage organ which has given reliable service for over 100 years, and this situation has been recognised by the British Institute of Organ Studies who have awarded a Historic Organ Certificate. The Certificate reads as follows:-

This organ has been awarded a Certificate in recognition of it being a fine example of an instrument by J J Binns 1904, substantially in original condition and incorporating Binns’ patents.  It is therefore listed in the Register of Historic Pipe Organs as being an instrument of importance to the national heritage and one deserving careful preservation for the benefit of future generations”.

The three manual organ is a fine example of the work of Leeds organ builder James Binns. The organ case is of fine wainscot oak and is in keeping with the Early English style of the church. it was dedicated on 28th May 1904.


The organ was installed by James J Binns of Leeds in 1904 and cost £ I, 200.00. It has three manuals and a pedal department with a total of 36 speaking stops, 13 couplers and 2 tremulants.


Three Binn's Patent interchangeable Combination Pedals to Great and Pedal Organs

One pedal giving Full Great and Pedal Organs

Three Binn's Patent interchangeable Combination Pedals to Swell Organ

One pedal giving Full Swell Organ

Three Binn's Patent interchangeable Combination Pistons to Choir Organ

Two Balanced Swell Pedals


The case is of fine Wainscot oak. The Front Pipes are of extra strong, hard rolled zinc, silvered


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