East Window

Look up at the East Window. The window is a five light window with tracery lights above. In the upper lights can be seen a radiant crown, angels with the letters ‘A’ and ‘0’ representing Alpha and Omega, a dove symbolising the Holy Spirit, and emblems of the Evangelists similar to those on the pulpit. The larger seven lobed tracery lights contain the coats of arms of the Diocese of Wakefield on the left, and the See of York on the right. Six small tracery lights each contain a star. The five main lights are full of interesting detail.

In the centre at the bottom is a Lamb on an Altar signifying the Lamb of God who takes away the sins of the world, on the front of the altar are the words ‘Holy, Holy, Holy’, and in the foreground are two cherubs swinging censers. In the middle centre Our Lord is shown crucified and hanging on a living tree reminding us of the Tree of Life, the leaves of which were for the healing of the nations, and streams of water issuing from the base of the tree. Look in the book of Revelations, chapter 22, verses 1 to 6 in your Bible.In the background we get a glimpse of the New Jerusalem. In the upper centre Our Lord is seen seated in glory, holding an orb in his left hand, and his right hand raised giving his blessing. Underneath is inscribed: ‘Thou only O Christ with the Holy Ghost art most high in the glory of God the Father’. Under the inscription are emblems of the Passion. Read about the New Jerusalem in the Book of Revelations in chapter 21.

The eight small shields are held by angels and show the nails, hammer, pincers, sponge. spear. dice, vesture and ladder. In the two lights adjoining the centre light two archangels are seen at the top, probably Gabriel at the left holding lilies and Michael at the right with a sword and scales. Below them and on one side of our crucified Lord stands the Blessed Virgin, and on the other side stands St John. In the bottom sections of these two lights on the left St Edward is seen kneeling with Westminster Abbey in the background, and on the right St Peter is seen kneeling with York Minster in the background In the outer two lights are groups of saints in adoration of our Lord. Starting with the outer left light from top to bottom, we have the prophet Isaiah holding a book, King David with a harp, St John the Baptist holding a lamb on a charger, St Stephen with a handful of stones, St Blaize holding a staff, St Mary Magdalene holding an ointment vase, St Etheldreda with a staff and a book, the Venerable Bede holding a book, and St Aidan with a staff and a book. In the outer right light from top to bottom we have St Paul holding a book and a sword, St Andrew holding a hook, St James major with a staff and a hook, St Alban holding a cross and a sword, St Ethelburga Queen, St Oswald with a bird in his left hand, St Hilda with a staff and a book, St Caedmon with hands crossed and St Cuthbert with a staff in the right hand and a weasel in the left hand.

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