Past Case Reviews

Past Case Reviews

As a result of the Independent Inquiry into Child Sexual Abuse and ongoing efforts to clear up any historical allegations, the Diocese of Leeds has initiated a second “Past Case Review” to ensure that any allegations of abuse that may have been made in the past have been adequately dealt with and to give people the opportunity to come forward now if they are still living with the trauma of abuse.

Parish clergy have to send a report into the Diocesan Safeguarding Officer by the end of November in order to facilitate the necessary legal and pastoral care that will be necessary.

The Review is NOT concerned with people who are currently known to the Diocesan Safeguarding team and who may be subject to a safeguarding agreement.

By the end of the whole process the Diocese hopes that it will be possible to state:

•  that all known safeguarding cases have been appropriately managed and reported to statutory agencies or the police where appropriate

•  that the needs of any known victims have been considered and that sources of support have been identified and offered where this is appropriate

•  that all identified risks have been assessed and mitigated as far as is reasonably possible

The Bishop of Leeds says, “For clarity, information is being sought on persons who have or have had a role in the Church where this role brings them into contact with children or with adults at risk of abuse. Information is not being requested on worshippers and those attending church activities who do not hold a role in the Church.”

This process has the potential to be very difficult for all sorts of reasons, not least for victims of abuse who feel they have not been listened to adequately.  It may be difficult for families and friends who discover that someone they cherish has an  allegation made against them.  The issues that are involved are very complex with the potential for greater difficulty if this is used as an opportunity for malicious allegations to be made against innocent parties.

In the first instance, if you have anything to contribute to the Review, please speak in confidence to the Parish Safeguarding Officer, to me or one of the clergy.  It will be me who has to submit the report for the Parishes of this Benefice.  Please be assured that everything will be treated confidentially and sensitively.  All reported cases will be passed to the Diocesan Safeguarding Officer, who will assess every case in accordance with the law and safeguarding protocol.  The Benefice clergy will offer local support in an appropriate manner.  Please pray earnestly that this process may result in healing and, where appropriate, justice.

If you have any questions or concerns, please contact me:               

07549 876505 or

Some Dates for your diaries

  • 3 Nov - 4pm Annual All Soul’s Liturgy, St Paul’s
  • 7 Nov - 7pm RBL Festival of Remembrance, St Mary’s
  • 10 Nov - 9:15 Mass at St Paul’s. NO MASS at St Mary’s.  10:45 Civic Act of Remembrance at the Town Hall led by Fr Stephen
  • 23 Nov - 11am Christmas Fair at St Paul’s
  • 1 Dec - 3:30 and 7pm Hospice Services at St Mary’s
  • 2 Dec - 2pm Weekly Advent Reflections begin, St Paul’s
  • 8 Dec - 3pm Barnsley Met. Brass Band concert at St Mary’s
  • 10 Dec - 6:30 Willowbank C.P Carols at St Paul’s to be confirmed
  • 12 Dec - Mothers’ Union Lunch
  • 13 Dec - 7pm Eilesha Choir Concert at St Paul’s
  • 19 Dec - 4pm Civic Carol Service at St Mary’s
  • 20 Dec - 9:30am St Mary’s Sch Nativity in St Mary’s
  • 21 Dec Barnsley Youth Choir Concert in St Mary's (to be confirmed)
  • 24 Dec - 6pm Christingle followed by First Mass of Christmas at St Paul’s and 11pm Midnight Mass at St Mary’s
  • 25 Dec - 10am Christmas Day Mass at St Mary’s
  • 29 Dec - 10am Benefice Mass at St Paul’s

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