Our latest message March 2019

Dear Friends,

This month is Lent from beginning to end, more or less.  Please do make every effort to attend the extra weekly events, which include:

Stations of the Cross, Mondays, 2pm, St Paul’s

Lent Lunches, Tuesdays, 12-2pm at Peggy’s (ask for details)

Bishop Tony’s Lent Course, Wednesdays, 7pm, St Mary’s

Stations of the Cross, Fridays, 12noon, St Mary’s


Ash Wednesday, Maundy Thursday and Good Friday details are mentioned on the back page of this Bulletin and updates will appear on the weekly notice sheet, the parish Facebook page and the benefice website.

Lent is a gift that we ought not to squander.  It is a time for reflection and renewal for individual Christians and for the church as a whole.  I hope that we will all be able to keep it as a holy season during which we might deepen our faith and re-commit ourselves to Christ’s challenge that we “take up the Cross and follow Him.”  It is a time for us all to do a bit of spiritual spring-cleaning, to dust ourselves off lest we’ve become a tomb from which Christ may never rise again. To this end I will be available to hear Confessions and to pray with people after most weekday services in our two churches.  If you would like to make use of this offer you may either turn up on the day or make an appointment with me in advance - I will be away on national church conferences for some of Lent so won’t be present at everything in the Parish.

Lent is also a good time for us to look afresh at all the good we do as a Christian family within the community.  Jesus calls us to be like salt.  Something that both adds flavour and enables food to be preserved, salt is never the main ingredient, but its absence is noticed even if its presence is often taken for granted or ignored.  We may be a small Christian family on the margins of contemporary society, but I hope we may be encouraged this Lent to continue being good salt.   


Fr Stephen

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