Our latest message June 2019

Dear Friends,

It’s June! By the end of this month the evenings will be drawing in and preparations for winter will begin.  What a happy thought. 

Are churches worse than other organisations for always looking forward and planning the next event?  I now seem to be in a constant state of preparation for something that I’m not sure if I ever get the chance to sit down and just  enjoy being in the present moment.  Maybe it is the curse of the modern clergyman, with those extra demands our forebears would not have had.  Maybe it’s a curse of the modern age, with our seemingly relentless quest for more - more wealth, more leisure, more possessions, more experiences to “make memories” of, more rights, more speed : the list could go on.

It looks like June will be another month filled with Parish and Benefice activities:  I hope we can all have fun while we do all that we have planned.  I hope even more that we can take a moment to appreciate all that we have and all the people around us.  We are all already immensely blessed (even if we don’t think so) and the world won’t end if we miss a financial target, or if a bit of maintenance is delayed.  But it will end in a very real way for someone who doesn’t feel loved or appreciated because we’ve been too busy with certain things while neglecting others.

I hope July and August will be quieter months!

Fr Stephen

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