St. Edward’s Ramblers was formed approximately 30 years ago when it was decided it was safer to walk in a group rather than individually. It was a suggestion made to Ron and Kath Leech and they very kindly took it upon themselves to sort out walks and lead; the rest of us just followed like sheep. We have had some wonderful walks in the countryside and beside the sea.

Ron and Kath worked very hard to provide a varied and interesting programme. Sadly, after Ron’s sudden and untimely death we were left like a ship without a rudder. We had to decide whether to disband or carry on and it was voted to carry on in memory of Ron.

 We still meet to walk every fortnight but we now ask for volunteers to lead walks, and a programme is then put together twice a year. We are a group of people, of varying ages, who enjoy being in the fresh air and in each others company.

Many happy hours have been enjoyed and friendships formed over these years and although a few people have dropped out and several have “retired from active service”, it is still a flourishing group. Previously it was basically Church members, but now we have been joined by others who, in the main, readily support Church social events, and several have donated money at least once a year in appreciation of the pleasure derived from this “Church” activity.

We usually meet at the given time with our rucksacks, picnic lunch and waterproofs (just in case!!). the length of walks varies, but we average between 5 and 8 miles. We would be pleased to be joined by like-minded people; do ask Pat Black if you are at all interested and she would be pleased to supply you with a walk sheet.

During the year we go out for the occasional meal, or after a walk we may call for a bar-meal, but this is optional. “Variety is the spice of life” and a warm welcome awaits you.

Click on the link below for the latest programme of walks.

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